About Veigel  

Our award winning Rehamotive products are designed to make your day-to-day life more comfortable, without justifying quality or design. Veigel North American holds an extensive Product range with expertly designed Products which are proven ten thousands of times over. Through solid workmanship and high quality materials Veigel reaches an outstanding quality awareness which is part of our self-conception. We develop and manufacture our products at the highest possible quality level to reach superior quality and design. Continues improvement and the specification to make the costumer live more comfortable motivates us to push out boundaries, which is leading us to be the number one in quality, availability, reliability and service. We have been the Market leader for dual-controls for many years and are pushing our Rehamotive products in the same direction.

Veigel was set up in 1920 by Mr. Wilhelm Veigel as a motor vehicle repair shop, while at the same time working as a driving instructor. In 1925 Mr. Veigel invented a dual control for his personal use in driving school cars. This was the birth of today's company. In the beginning of the fifties Mr.Veigel took out several patents for his inventions. From then on the company focused entirely on production and sale of the patented dual controls. A decisive moment for Veigel came in 1957, when the German government decided to make dual controls mandatory for all driving school cars. Veigel has supplied to all major carmakers and importers ever since.

After the death of Mr. Wilhelm Veigel his wife and subsequently their daughter, Mrs. Waltraut Horlacher took over. In 1995 Mr. Hinrich H. Swyter (a graduate engineer) acquired the company. In 2000, Bruhn, the well-known manufacturer of driving aids for the handicapped, was taken over, and their product range became the cornerstone of Veigel's Rehamotive line. With a staff of more than 55 employees, Veigel produces dual controls and Rehamotive driving aids for customers in Germany and all over the world.

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