Veigel North America is an acknowledged engineering partner of the automotive industry, and the internationally leading manufacturer of driving school systems and driving aids for handicapped persons. We believe in absolute customer satisfaction which we are achieving by developing and manufacturing our products at the highest quality level.

With over 80 years of experience manufacturing adaptive driving products and an inhouse R&D facility everything we manufacture has been designed and tested to meet the highest standards in quality, function and design. The average employee has 15 years of experience at Veigel Automotive. The combined effort of so many years of dedication and focus have resulted in the highest quality, most reliable and safest products on the market.

German Engineering and Award Winning Design Awards

Classic, Compact and Left Hand Controls
The Veigel hand controls are unmatched in design and execution. This unique combination of function and design result in a reliable product that is easy to use and integrates perfectly with your cars interior.

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